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Our domestic melamine kitchen cabinet has gained great popularity with customers worldwide as a result of its variety, ease of use, low cost and short lead time. The kitchen cabinet uses thick plastic edge and its surface is melamine resin coated.

Melamine PG1
Surface: Melamine resin coated
Material: E1 Standard Chipboard
Edges: Thick plastic edge

Melamine veneer is widely used in making kitchen cabinets. The following are steps involved in the production of melamine veneer: Impregnate the paper with different colors or textures in a melamine resin adhesive, then put it on the surface of base panel after drying, forming a decorative sheet through hot pressing process.
Base panels include particle board or chipboard, MDF, plywood.

Colour: White/Grey/Exposed walnut/White with grey dot/Black
Surface: Melamine
Material: E1 Standard Chipboard
Edges: Plastic edge

1. Hinge
Blum Fast-assemble hinge with or without damper
Chinese Hinge without Soft-Closing
Chinese Hinge with Soft-Closing
Others brands hinges available

2. Drawer Runner
Blum with/without Soft-Closing
Three Segments Drawer Runner
Metal All-in-One
Chinese Drawer Runner with Soft-Closing
Other brands are available

Construction of worktop

We is a professional domestic melamine kitchen cabinet manufacturer and supplier, located in China.We run our company in strict accordance with ISO9001 international quality system and ISO14001 international environment system. Therefore, all of our lacquer kitchen cabinet, thermofoil PVC kitchen cabinet, and stainless steel sink are produced in strict compliance with international standard, and customers can feel secure in purchasing.Whenever you have a need for any of our products, please feel free to contact us at We.

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